KW Platform Weighing Scale Series

Technical Data:

• Rechargeable battery pack internal, operating time approx. 70h, charging time approx. 8h,

• The KW weighing indicator is approved for installation platform and floor scale • Weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing): Input of an upper/lower limit value

• Additional features: tower light integration

• Superior display size: digit height 24mm.Bright backlight for easy reading of weight, even from a distance

• Internal resolution 1/600,000

• Standard RS-232 can connect to a printer (LP-50) or computer

• Basic functions include taring, zero setting, tare setting, counting, printing, unit changing

• Single scale input (impedance >87Ω; <350Ω

• Power supply: integrated in balance. 220V/60Hz, AC-DC adapter 12V/500mA, internal rechargeable battery 6zV/4Ah

• Permissible ambient temperature -10°C / 40°C