TM Series

Technical Data:

• Hook with revolving safety catch

• High mobility: thanks to battery operation, compact construction and low weight, it is suitable for use in several locations (production, warehouse, dispatch department…)

• Professional device for robust applications in production, quality control, logistics, etc. Because of its stable construction and robust design, it is ideal for continuous use in industrial applications

• Rechargeable battery pack internal, standard, operating time approx. 50h, charging time approx. 14h with mains adapter. Charge indicator, visual using LED Superior display size: digit height 30mm. Luminescent LED display for easy reading of the weight, even from a distance

• Permissible ambient temperature 0°C / 40°C • Precision: 0.2% from [Max]

• Adaptation to unstable environmental conditions by changing the readout

• Data hold function: When the weighing value remains unchanged the weight indicated on the display will be on “freeze“ mode until the HOLD key is pressed

• Tare: Resets the display to “0“ when there is a load on the scale. Now removed or added loads are directly displayed

• Power supply: integrated in balance. 220V/60Hz, AC-DC adapter 6V/2A, internal rechargeable battery 6v/10Ah