GW-3000 Series Automatic Control Weighing Indicator

Technical Data

• Provides AC or DC high precision and high speed batching control

• Industrial grade design for tough industrial environments

• Noise and interference protection. Efficiently block the interference of power, microwave and radio

• Compact and high efficiency design suitable for any control panels

•Fast 120 times A/D sampling rate, perfect for high speed motion batching control

•Internal 24bits A/D resolution

•Adjustable digital filtering neutralizes vibrations produced at work environment

•Equipped with RS-485 or RS-232 serial interface for remote display, computer, PLC, and HMI (Supports Modbus RTU and ASCI)

•All function setups and calibration can be done through the keyboard or RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU

•Flexible calibration with two sections standard calibration tand five sections linearity calibration to improve system higher accuracy and digital calibration (no calibration weights required)

•Flexible batching modes: insufficient filling, manual and auto discharge, batch loop frequency/weight/accumulations

•Equipped with different batching procedures for wide applications for selections of batching control systems. Single or multiple materials auto portioning, mixing, discharging, batching, etc. Easy-to-use with PLC, HMI or connection with computer


OP-02 BCD parallel data output interface (Open Collector)

OP-03 16 bits Analog current/voltage output interface (0~20 mA, 0~10V)

OP-04 Control I /O (4 In /4 Out) + Set point Input interface (BCD Code)

OP-05 Control I /O (8 In /8 Out) interface